DIY Fairy House From Jars ???‍♀️

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Sam and Sue's house is a disaster. Slime flood! Sue even stepped on one of the slimes. She was terribly displeased! Slimes on the floor, on the table, on the shelves, on the sofa. And all the bottles and jars for slimes are empty!

Sammy had heard that FAIRIES were coming to town! These jars can be used to make a house for fairies or a real hotel for several fairies! It's brilliant, isn't it? Sue liked the idea, too! So we start crafting!

For the base, we will take several jars of different sizes to make the hotel look as fabulous as possible. We will build a roof and small towers from cardboard parts. And then the magic of art begins! Clay for modeling is useful for giving the house some texture and cutting out windows and doors from it. And the final step is to paint the house with different colors so that it looks like a real one!

This wonderful craft will bring a bit of magic to your home! And it will serve as a cozy home for little fairies!

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This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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